“Hi, what is the role of alcohol or light drugs such as marijuana in meditation and access to intangible experiences? Native americans, for example, ban alcohol before the sweat hut for four days and perhaps even a day after. But at the same time they say that when a person is under the influence (probably some “normal”… not completely drunk), their sensitivity perception increases significantly and they see much more. Thank you"

Strong supporting substances

We have many ways to get to know other spheres and these include shortcuts. Thus, even auxiliary substances are able to show certain knowledge under their limited influence. The user instantaneously gets some sort of knowledge, but we have a few big BUTs.

Feasibility of experience

However, this knowledge may be detrimental. The user at the moment doesn't recognize themselves and their skills, but everything is mediated through the support substance. So the question comes inevitably, "Is it really insight? Is it reality or hallucination?".

Our self-confidence

Another hitch can be found in reshaping our self-confidence: "I have experienced this and that thanks to the substance, but I cannot do it myself." Each of us can experience all realization and states by themselves. It takes longer to discover these skills, but they become more valuable and we have them under our full control. This brings us to the next point.


The moment we get into deep states through our own experience we have them under full control. If the experience is too strong for us, we can simply end it immediately. Under the influence of drugs, we are helpless, and whatever happens, we must wait for the active substance to dissipate so we can get back to the full perception of the physical world.

Snippet information

Each substance shows you only a bit of reality and keeps you there. We can compare LSD showing one leaf very close, marijuana showing you something brown and solid, ecstasy showing something red and round ... We are all kept in one tiny bubble all the time and we can't rise above that and look and examine the whole situation. We have an apple tree all the time, but we will never see it. When we experience it ourselves, we can be flexible and work better with the deep state.

Soft excipients


I can personally recommend prolonging analytical meditation, if we observe our mind. It was also a good help to me many times before astral travel. Because of this, I was awake until the late hours of the night, when the material body is tired, but the astral body can practice.

Herbal extracts

such as lemon balm, mint, jasmine,… very pleasant for long practice, but without the side-stimulating effects, that is, our mind is preserved, it is still us. Very suitable for knowing your inner world.


it is completely unsuitable for astral travel, since it supports the material body in particular. However, it is possible to identify with its moments of pleasant time in very active meditation on various thoughts that we need to address.


occasionally suitable for overall calmness and quickly finding your calm point from which you can continue further.


Without support substances

There is also a safer way to gain experience. The direct path is mental travel HERE, then astral travel HERE , in which comes daily exercise and the desire to get out of the body for a certain time. Success comes always with constant will. Until then, it is very necessary to train the control of your mind HERE  and lead a corresponding lifestyle. Learn more about it in the online Astral Travel course.


Without the help of supportive substances, much higher states of mind can be achieved, fully under control, and unlike auxiliary activities, the experience that we already know how to enjoy ourselves is automatically accepted. So we get a real way, it is us without any crutches.

Instead of substituting, we acquire what we need so much for spiritual practice and subsequent understanding of the world, for example, when we consciously astral travel. Above all, this experience is transferable even after the death of the material body, since we have long understood our condition and we know very well where we are and what is happening with us. Astral travel reaches far beyond what we could imagine. As a result, it makes sense for everyone by addressing the basic human question: "why am I here".

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

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