Sidris Family: Connection with the Higher Self

Hello, I have a question for you regarding the connection with my higher self. I tried to open the third eye. I lay and focused on the point in the middle of my forehead. Then I felt my whole body begin to tingle ... after a while it tingled a lot. And then, it was like, I stopped feeling it. I didn't feel my heartbeat, my legs, my hands ... I found myself in complete emptiness. What was this condition? Was it a connection to the higher self?

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Although your question sounds very simple, it is not so easy to find an answer to it. We must first tune in to the same wave in the definitions of the individual areas so that we can be absolutely sure that we will understand each other. :-)

The lowest is the material body

that is, what you can touch. It's like a car that we use in the material world to control everything here. We are limited by time and space - we are only here and now.

We can help each other with a sentence: "I'm happy touching the table."

A little "above"
is the astral body or our soul. It is the content of the physical body, who we are - happy, sad, optimistic, aggressive, loving dogs, etc., etc. If you travel astrally, ie leave your material body with your soul, you will find that you are dependent only on time - there is only " now". But the limitations of space are already disappearing - in an instant you will find yourself anywhere in the Universe.

Here is the sentence: "I'm happy."

And "above"

is our mental body / consciousness / spirit / higher self. It is our pure consciousness, what we go through space and time, through all our lives. Our essence. There is no longer matter, space, or time.

Our auxiliary sentence would read here, "I am." Your description corresponds to this state of "I am" ... nothing more ... You will surely admit that it was a very calm and loving state. Congratulations on your experience. Keep going and soon other states of knowledge will come.

We could go on to "higher" and "higher", where we would get to the "I am here" phase (I am no longer defined). And then the "I" gradually disappears and we get into nothingness. And further and further ...

My Astral Body

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