Sleep paralysis

I had a dream of being at my grandmother's house somewhere, it was like being in her kitchen, and my boyfriend was standing by the window, it was a huge niche, and he tells me it's okay, I've figured it out.

There was heaven at night, he reached out from the window and removed the star from heaven and put it back. So I went to try it too. I took off the star by hand and wanted to give it back, but I couldn't.

We both tried to get it back there, but it was still falling down and it always stopped at the window, until a friend told me we would have to go. And suddenly it came to me, something.

I say, "Go ahead, I have to stay for a while now and I want to experience it."

It began to mist before my eyes, the world around me ceased to exist, I only felt well-being, lightness and fusion, fog formed all around me. I floated through it until it began to form a white light when I suddenly woke up at that moment when I was lying on my back in bed at home. I felt something circling around my left hemisphere, it was such a chilling to relaxing feeling, I suddenly found that I couldn't move at all and I deduced that I probably had a sleep paralysis. Something started to pull me hard until it started to get quite uncomfortable. I wanted to move, but it didn't work at all. I tried to talk to a friend, but I didn't even make a sound, it was incredibly strong, in the end I woke up somehow. I was quite energized and couldn't sleep for another hour. 😃

Our feedback

Míšo, great! At such moments, you just realize that your physical body is paralyzed, but you - the astral body - the soul, are completely free and you can get out and go astral travel.

It is already a great success that you take sleep paralysis as a new experience that moves you forward and you feel charged with it, and that you realize at the moment what state you are in! Big congratulations. :-)

From this moment on, you really only have one thought to make astral travel. :)

Your physical body sleeps through deep sleep, and yet your consciousness is fully awakened. That is, jump for astral wanders. :) 


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