Sidris Family: The Light Tunnel of Death

We really get a lot of e-mails asking us for so many amazing things that it's a shame to keep everything to yourself. You are so inspiring! Thank you for all the subjects we receive from you. Let's take a look at some of the questions about life after death sent by Adélka.

I am very interested in astral travel and I would like to know, when you get out of the body, can you also see various defects in the body (diseases, or even the beginning of the flu, etc.). Or ... do you have the ability to just normally "see"?

Diseases can be seen in the body in many different ways, but astral travel is not the most suitable. :) On the contrary, mental travel (traveling through our consciousness) is very suitable for these purposes, when you immerse yourself completely in the person with your spirit and at exactly that moment you know where they are in pain, what they are thinking and what they are worried about.

If you want to stay in the material world and not go anywhere, then I recommend learning to see the aura. At the beginning you will see only the life energy, perhaps the basic color of the aura, but in practice you will see the aura of individual parts of the body. Then it is very easy to notice any anomalies in the color of the aura. However, compared to mental travel, it is only a matter of orientation.

For example, if you look at the aura and see an anomaly on the elbow, then at that moment you do not know whether it is a disease of tendons or joints. However, if you visit the person mentally, you will learn that they suffer from chronic tendonitis because their elbow was overworked when lifting heavy car parts. :)

Instructions for seeing the aura.

Instructions for mental travel

I am also interested in, whether a person dies, do they find themselves in an astral world, where they are waiting for a light? 

Yes exactly :). If we emerge from a material body that has died and therefore cannot return to it, we will find ourselves in the afterlife spheres of the astral world for some time. Here each soul (astral body) spends a different long time. Someone will stay here for a few weeks or months. Others for several years and the "most sticky" for several decades. In fact, waiting for light is a time when one realizes that nothing can be created in the material world, let alone return to it. As soon as they detach themselves from all needs and lusts, they go out into the light.

And if the deceased goes after that light, what then?

As soon as the deceased goes to light, they get rid of their astral body. That is, everything that defined them. As long as they remained in the afterlife sphere, they still had their charisma and still perceived exactly the same as in the material world. "I'm Lukáš, I'm 47 years old and I really love racing cars, speed and adrenaline. It always turned me on when I watched the races and my wife started talking to me. She didn't leave me that moment of peace ..." I guess we all understand that? :)

If we give up this "confusion" and go to light, we will be left with a mental body (spirit, consciousness). We feel happiness ... love ... peace ... It's a wonderful feeling.

At the same time, the afterlife sounds good, but also quite scary. I mean, if I understood correctly, then you lose the feelings you had as a person, you just feel calm. And it's disturbing to feel "just" calm. I can't imagine it.

It is unimaginable for us until we experience it. That peace, happiness and love are such intense and pure feelings that you really don't want anything else.

Fortunately, mental travel is very easy and anyone can learn. Once we master this ability, we can experience this state and then understand that there is really nothing scary about it. On the contrary ... it's a very liberating feeling.

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