Spontaneous leaving of the body - a dream come true or a nightmare?

Many visitors to our site long for astral travel. But what can happen if we are not sufficiently prepared for it?

I stand completely frightened and look across the room at the bed where my body lies. I don't understand what's going on.

"I'm standing here and lying there! How is it possible? What's happening? Help!"

After endless seconds, I decide to take a step towards the bed and at that moment I wake up in my body again and I'm absolutely sure of one thing - this was not a dream.

Between the ages of 16 and 17, I experienced several spontaneous astral ascents. A dream come true for someone, a nightmare for me. Something was happening to me that I could not control and that I absolutely did not understand. I had never heard the name astral travel, I grew up in a family where everything "supernatural" was taboo. I felt like a fool.

Many of you may be wondering now, "Why didn't you start looking for information?" The answer is simple - I was scared. I was so scared that I would read about mental disorders somewhere, that it was something serious, that I might have a brain tumor (I'm laughing at those thoughts now :-)) and I really didn't want to know!

What did such spontaneous astral leave of the body look like to me?

Always the same scenario - my perception of the surrounding reality changed, I began to see more clearly and as if deeper. I felt a strong inner twist and I felt sick to my stomach and suddenly I was out of my body. I estimate the duration of the whole experience, including the return to the body, within 1 minute.

A being who may have had good intentions at the time started to visit me, but it all scared me more and more.

Before I was 17 years old, a turning point came to me. My psyche was not able to handle the inflow of supernatural things, and I rejected everything. There came something like a firm decision: "I'm not crazy and this just doesn't exist and it doesn't happen."

From then on, it was quiet for 10 years. 

Then I met Sidris and the carousel of supernatural things began again :-) But this time, right at the beginning, under his guidance, I underwent Regression Therapy, where I understood everything and allowed myself to live life to the fullest with the "intangible" component of this world. :-)

Over time, among other things, I gained the ability to relax other people's astral bodies and thus make their astral travel much easier.

If you would also like to experience astral travel (completely consciously and expectantly :-)) then please first understand your life in regression therapy and then follow everything in the Astral Travel manual

Look for information, instructions, there is a lot not only with us. It works and it is common and natural for humans and animals.

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