How I made my first separation

The first astral experience is an indescribably powerful experience for each of us. We are so happy that you share everything with us, so we can describe this unique experience from many perspectives. Here you can read about the first astral travel of the Ruler of the Force called Voupo.

It starts with a strong experience

"I am dizzy. I would compare it to a few centrifuge rides, I feel sick with vomiting (like after too many shots at a party) and I'm getting pretty sick (as if I should faint at any moment). It's a very unpleasant combination!

And suddenly I'm bigger, as if bloated, and hovering a few centimeters above my own body. It took only a few seconds, but it was powerful, lively, and indescribably strong - as if gushing. It is me, but absolutely different from what I know and commonly perceive - it is exactly the same view of a room that I know perfectly, yet I see it absolutely differently. I see and perceive it in a completely unknown way, which is very intense and powerful - and yet none of this is strange to me. No, quite the contrary! That was exactly my first separation.

The return to the body was also very intense

and not very pleasant. Aside from the chills that shook me a few minutes after my return, my whole body ached. I would compare the physical pain to a few hours in the gym during a very demanding workout. The biggest was the pain in my hands, which were flabby for a few minutes. However, these physical inconveniences were quite overcome by the feeling I had - mentally / spiritually, I felt strong and in such an altered state of consciousness. Just a bit off, but in a good way. ” Voupo

This was indeed very strong. Some of you will experience similar feelings and wobbling of the head, stomach, and subsequent pain of the physical body. Others will experience a loving gentle separation from the material body as well as a pleasant return to matter. We are all original and cannot be generalized as to how anyone should get separated. Astral travel is about self-discovery and finding our own unique key that temporarily unlocks the door from the material body to the astral world.

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