Let your dreams go, so they can come true

Each of us has wishes and dreams that we would like to fulfill. Sometimes it happens more easily, other times less, and it is not uncommon that sometimes we are not even close to the goal. What is the magic of fulfilled dreams? We offer you a very effective guide that will move you straight ahead at lightning speed. It's up to you whether you use all the points at once or practice only a certain part. The more methods you choose, the faster you will achieve everything. This is best shown in a specific case where a woman wishes to heal her sore knee.

  1. Autosuggestion: 
    In the evening before going to bed, keep repeating, "I'm healthy. I have a healthy knee. I'm healthy. I have a healthy knee ..." The statement must be convincing and in the present tense. The best option is to keep repeating these sentences until we fall asleep. At that moment, it is the last thought before falling asleep and can work very strongly on a subconscious level throughout the night.

  2. Influence of water and food: 
    Before you start eating or drinking, put your wishes in the food you are about to consume. Very realistically, imagine that your dream is inside food, and as soon as you eat it (or drink water), it enters your body, where digestion releases energy that is carried into each of your cells. The dream will literally fulfill you at that moment.

  3. Visualize: 
    Close your eyes and realistically imagine that you have a healthy knee. Dream, fantasize ... put yourself in situations where nothing hurts anymore. You play tennis, run, jump and pain nowhere! Experience it with all your emotions as if it were true! Immerse yourself completely in that idea and forget about everyday life. Now you live happily and healthily.

These are the 3 most effective methods, but they can't do anything on their own if one very important part is left out. Use autosuggestion, impregnation and visualization for as long as you see fit. For some it may be a week, others could be satisfied after a month. And then ... Forget about your dream completely. Let go of the spasmodic hold of your dream. Stop longing for it and it will happen.

At the moment, it probably doesn't make much sense, does it? "I will try here for a month, to think intensely about my dream, to live it and then I should give it up? Why?" The answer is very simple. Imagine creating a new reality with each autosuggestion or visualization. The reality you want. The better you want, the more energy is generated. We can perceive it as a huge inflatable balloon that we have tied around our wrists. Whenever we wish, it increases a bit, but it is still with us.

We must now cut it off and release it so that it can start working. This energy (balloon) needs freedom, only then can it take the necessary steps that lead to the fulfillment of the dream. Even when you try very hard, your autosuggestion and impregnation will be perfect - but you will never achieve the result unless you can give up your dream. Make it clear to the Universe that this is not an addiction to a given thing, but a sincere wish that deserves to be fulfilled.

"I checked the effects today. I thought I'd try something small. This morning my shoulder hurt out of nowhere, I don't have any health problems with it, it just started to hurt. So I kept saying in my head that I had a healthy shoulder. After a while I completely forgot about it at work and when I remembered it again, my shoulder didn't hurt anymore. It's really interesting, especially now my girlfriend and I are reading your articles and everything seems unreal, but we both believe it. That is why I am already looking forward to the next lessons of the Ruler of the Force." Šimon

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