Sidris, how did you get your skills?

Sidris, a visionary and entrepreneur, has the ability to create his own world first in the immaterial astral reality and then transfer it to physical reality. His leadership role in the Astral Academy motivates thousands of people to live consciously and happily. His infinite optimism and energy are inspiring.

Sidris says, "Astral travel allows us to easily create our own world. We are far beyond what has been written in existing texts on astral travel, which perceive it only as a means of independent movement in space. We know much more and can practically utilize it. Come and discover everything about astral travel and what it means to be a student of the Astral Academy and consciously create your world."

People often ask me, "Sidris, how did you acquire your abilities?" and I respond that in life, we receive what we truly want and what we strive for. I desired to know where I am, what forces surround me, and how to create using those forces. And what were the results?

Since childhood, I explored the immaterial world and at a young age, I learned to master my mind and travel outside my body. I delved into the world of the deceased and other spheres. In our lectures, we introduce people to the phenomenon of death and astral travel, but above all, we teach them how to practically utilize these experiences in our physical reality and explore higher spheres.

Together with my wife, we quickly became patrons of the Masters of Power and together, we shape this world. With our entire team, we gain experiences from out-of-body journeys, organize nationwide workshops to awaken supernatural abilities, launched an online course on astral travel, and established the Astral Academy. Through deep therapies, we guide individuals into past lives. Our articles are published in popular magazines, we appear on radio shows, we have been approached by television for collaboration, and we give lectures at universities.

How did you gradually acquire these abilities from childhood?

At the age of six, in 1992, neutral beings regularly visited me. They didn't convey any messages, but they were with me and helped me adapt to the different world that followed.

At the age of eight, I began to gain power from past lives and explore the astral world.

At the age of ten, I learned about people with paranormal abilities who governed the supernatural. I decided that if they could do it, so could I. I wanted them to teach me!

At eleven, I read all available literature on telekinesis, telepathy, and communication with the deceased.

At twelve, I was able to move objects with the power of my mind in school, even when they were suspended in a glass.

At fourteen, my friends and I conducted over twenty telepathic experiments, of which seventeen were successful. We sent telepathic instructions to our teachers, such as "Go to the board, close the left side, walk to the left, and take the tennis ball from the table, throw it on the floor, walk around the classroom, and then return to the table and knock the book several times." It was fascinating to observe how we could control a part of the mind while the teacher's automation focused on delivering the lesson...

At fifteen, I experienced vibrations of glasses in the presence of beings, their movement through my apartment, accompanied by sounds. It was incredibly motivating to discover how this was possible.

At seventeen, I had an accident while skiing and woke up in the hospital, temporarily unable to move my body. It helped me realize that we are not just our bodies; they are our tools. Therefore, I began to practice and seek help from the Universe, which brought results.

In 2004, at the age of seventeen, I consciously left my physical body for the first time using my soul and astral body, thus astral traveling. In the following years, I conducted a series of experiments where I visited friends in my astral body while my physical body remained in bed at home. I could astrally, mentally, and spiritually travel anywhere and experience and perceive situations as if I were physically present. I then interpreted these experiences in detail upon returning to my physical body, confirming their reality.

At the age of twenty-one, I astrally traveled beyond the gates of heaven but did not enter. I began to understand that people have individually and collectively created astral worlds, such as Christian, hermetic, Buddhist, and others. In the following years, I met key people and guides.

At twenty-three, I experienced the divine Self in the astral space. A year later, I experienced and understood Nothingness and realized the transience of all actions. I experienced a moment of loving-kindness. I successfully helped heal cancer and consciously influenced fate for the first time. I traveled out of body astrally, mentally, and later explored higher spheres to acquire information for the general public. It was an important period where I could help many people, but it was also demanding because I spent most of my time traveling outside my body and immersing myself in higher spheres.

From twenty-five to twenty-nine, I helped drive away malevolent beings from homes through loving conversations out of body and understanding their afterlife. I discovered realms beyond the astral, beyond the mental, beyond Nothingness, beyond the universe, beyond creation. I experienced the Great Consciousness. And then we returned to the physical to create with my wife. I helped friends, travelers, and conducted meetings in family homes, farms, real estate offices, led cleansing of city archives, production spaces, and wellness centers. In total, I successfully helped hundreds of people and beings. My mission is to convey astral awareness of life.

At twenty-eight, together with my wife Teri Sidris, we opened numerous events, workshops, and therapies, and most importantly, we launched the Astral Academy. During the year, we gradually discovered how to convey telepathy, telekinesis, perceive astral Forces, communicate with beings, be ourselves in our destiny, and become true Masters of Power, both on the physical level and in higher spheres. After this period, I began to use astral power on the physical level and gave lectures in halls near Charles Bridge. From that point on, you can personally verify that astral travel is a realization of life beyond the physical body through our workshops and the direct guidance on astral travel that we publicly publish, along with the launch of an eleven-month online course.

At thirty, I started teaching aspiring practitioners of practical astral travel, first for a year, then for three days, and now, along with Teri Sidris, in just a few hours. This is thanks to dozens of astral travel workshops across the Czech Republic.

At thirty-three, with our closest team, we are creating a Loving world with nine amazing individuals. Private therapies are taken over by my colleague. We are building the brand The modern Astral Academy is thriving with numerous Masters of Power, offering the online course Astral Travel in Czech, Slovak, and English.

At thirty-six, the Astral Academy is growing with highly capable individuals. We are launching the portal at a high level. We are expanding in English-speaking countries, where we are laying the foundations for a global Astral University, starting with the first step, the Astral Projection course.

And now, let us ask ourselves, what can we achieve together?

Certainly, we can meet in person at the Astral University. Tell us what you desire, and together we will achieve it. Or you can embark on your own journey through Astral Projection course, where you can also enjoy recordings of my words that will guide you into deep states of realization. Now, everything is in your hands, in your mind, in your Force. You are creating your world.

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