Out-of-body travel to indigenous friends

Meeting with a protective being, flight through nature, landing on the “forest airway” and a friendly encounter with the natives in a forest. All in one evening.

We are mastering conscious astral travel and conscious creation of lucid dreams and we would like to teach you to experience the same ability. It is an amazing experience when you step out of the body and it is exactly the same as if you were in the physical body but you are able to move through space without any physical limits. You experience things that go far beyond your imagination and you still know they are real.

Astral ascent from the body

I am in my bed, getting into a deep state of mind by the exercise of the inner oscillation of the astral body, and at that moment I am surrounded by the all-seeing Force, which has a strong effect on me. It advises me to float higher, raise my legs, my hands but I cannot do much about it. The light full of power starts to act upon me even more strongly.

I’m travelling astrally!

The second time I get up from my bed and stand in front of a huge helping being. We can see each other finally… Then comes the second finer being and wants me to float. I laugh at that, but wait! After all, I’m in the astral body, I’m going for it now! And… it works, I am floating, absolutely real above the floor…

Flight with full impressions

I’m flying now, I’m flying over the countryside, I can see all the details, all the trees, paths, houses … and then I want to be in the forest. I think of the forest, and I’m there in less than a second. I’m flying as if I had wings, I’m really enjoying it. I have learned to experience both bodies. This means I am consciously in the material body and perceive everything around it but at the same time, I am also in the astral body which enables me to perceive everything even more powerfully.

Astral flight over the forest is a perfect experience

I am landing on the ground, among the trees… I’m able to fly between them with ease, I experience a unique feeling of being led by a safe force, I do not have to concentrate, just go on flying. I’m actually looking back, yet I’m flying safely through the trees, I’m taking the “forest airway”. It is something like a safe path in the woods, an illuminated and warm part of it that carries me on and on, in full safety and making me know that I can meet local birds here….

I’m flying over the forest again, then to the coast where I’m finally landing, having perfect happy feelings. I’ve reached my destination. I’m in a place called *****, enjoying the sun, the air, I can feel the sea, enjoy well-being. But simultaneously I know my physical body feels dissatisfied because it is cold, yet it is lying in a warm bed. Still, my physical body is glad that it can experience these feelings and therefore supports the astral body. I’m back in the forest and after a while I feel there as if it were my home. I’m safe there and I know it there!

Meeting indigenous friends

I feel that the indigenous people living in the forest have known about my presence for some time now. I’m going to meet them, first flying and then landing down at their place. They are welcoming me warmly, offering me gutted fish as a welcome. I dare to refuse and point to the papaya that grows everywhere, grabbing it in my hand. They understand what I mean. Our friendship is confirmed.

Interviews and experiences are more than real

Then I’m flying back to the beach where I relax and enjoy my well-being. Then I’m joined by a lively company: the indigenous people are coming towards me in love. I give them my warm welcome and we are sitting in a circle on the beach. They know I am astral but they can see me clearly as they do not distinguish between the physical and astral bodies. We have asked Nature for gifts and all of us have lots of fruit. The interviews are of a very internal character, telepathic, with strong interconnections, very real.


This well-being results in returning to my physical body. I realize everything that’s happening but realizing where I’ve just been, I’m going back to the forest immediately. On the beach, I can perceive only a strong astral body, probably a shaman. I’m speaking to him. He wants me to stay, so I’m explaining that I must leave this place, return to the material body like his own. Then I can return to see them with this material body. I know and feel it’s real. We are saying goodbye to one another, like good old friends, with the prospect of meeting again soon.

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

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