Sidris Family: 5 questions about astral travel

1) “I placed an object on the chandelier in the room. Are you able to arrive astrally and determine what the object is? If you can do that, you would probably have a major impact on my life.” Martin

Yes, I can. The times when I proved to everyone on request that we all can get out of the body are gone. It cost me a lot of force and yet people didn't start to travel out of body on their own. Just "wow". I do not intend to go further in this direction. However, we have joined forces with astral travelers and created a guide that will allow you to experience astral travel completely on your own! Everyone now has the opportunity to emerge from the body. It makes a lot of sense.

2) “Do you think all souls (consciousness) in the astral world experience well-being or do they differ according to the laws of cause and effect? ”

If we talk about the soul, that is, the astral body, then yes - we experience all our lusts, joys, sorrows and wannabe karma in this sphere. We literally experience what we want. We are partially bound by time to the present and the space is freely passable (in an instant we can get anywhere we want).

In consciousness, or in the mental world, we literally need nothing. We are. Yes, we can travel regardless of time and space, which I personally use if I really have to help other people. However, once you get into these realms, you feel calm and any action you find unnecessary. You can do it easier than anyone would expect. We have it in us, because you can do it and experience it, for example, on regression therapies to past lives, or enjoy instructions for mental travel πŸ™‚

3) “Do you think animals have a soul? Does their consciousness (energy) survive physical death? ”


4) “I've been trying astral travel for a week now. Yesterday, I had the experience of being in a state that I experienced when I was a little child and sick. It was as if I was lying on a hard surface and then I expanded into the whole room and it was difficult for me to determine its size, as if I had grown to enormous dimensions, then I felt great love, but I could not get out of the body astrally .. Today this condition repeated, but without enlargement. I relaxed and felt like I was above me and looking at myself, but at the same time I was still in my body and it made me very scared. I do not know if these conditions are normal and I would like to ask for advice or confirmation that I am on the right track. Thank you.” Martina

Congratulations, you are experiencing mental travel! It's easier and more enjoyable and realistic. It just doesn't give you such a realistic feeling about getting out of the body, like astral travel. And that's exactly what you experienced the moment you looked at your body. Surely you remember the feeling that you pushed out of your body, and the feeling that you experienced all the time. It will serve as a short-term ticket for easier leaving of the body. πŸ™‚

When you have a strong astral ascent, you may feel scared and it's okay, because it's something for the first time. However, you certainly felt that you were in control of everything, and as soon as you wanted to enter the body, you came back. Keep releasing your material body, which will gain confidence and then release you into the astral world. It's been a while since you've been trying astral travel, doing well, because knowing the out of body state is worth it.

5) “I would like to ask you about Astral Travel. Is there a way for a fourteen-year-old boy to get out of his body and is it possible to travel all over the Earth after some training? I mean, for example, through thinking to kind of teleport myself to a certain place or to a person. I also want to ask if there is a possibility that after a certain distance from the body, the coil connecting the Soul and the Body would break and I would not be able to get back into the body. My last question is if you charge anything for these answers. Thank you in advance for the slightest answer and I wish you peace.” Lukáš

During astral travel we separate our astral body from the material body. These bodies are still securely attached to each other, regardless of distance. However, the older we are, the stronger the connection. We have a weaker connection before adulthood. Therefore, it is recommended to travel around the age of eighteen, when in the end astral travel is working best. Until then, it is advisable to experience mental travel, which is the first step to successful astral travel. It's easy, nice and gives a lot of experience - HERE. We can perceive it as a really very important preparation before a completely natural short-term astral ascent. I wish I had had this guide as a child too…

After mastering mental travel, we are all better prepared for so much awakening astral travel. Creating a literally loving world makes sense in this world. I am happy to help with general questions, as they help many people.
Feel free to write other questions to the email and we will manage them all gradually. πŸ™‚

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