I can't wake up from a dream

For some, lucid dreaming is a difficult goal to manage. It has become a nightmare for our reader Adéla.

"It has happened to me several times that I have found myself in a strange state, as if I were experiencing a 'dream in a dream.' Everything was very real and I realized I was sleeping. Every time I managed to wake up on my own. But it was different yesterday. Strong. In reality, I was lying on my back, next to me was my partner with a phone in his hand. I already felt like I was falling asleep, but suddenly I was in a dream again in a dream. I saw the exact same situation. My partner next to me with a phone. I also saw my face and realized that I was sleeping. But then I was terrified by two white nightgowns hanging from the ceiling. I told myself that I was definitely having a nightmare. So I decided I'd better wake up. But it didn't work, I tried to talk to the partner, but I couldn't, I couldn't even move. So I calmed down, closed my eyes, and said to myself that I would try to make some sounds so he can hear me and wake me. Eventually it worked and he woke me up. It was a big shock for me. I absolutely didn't understand how I couldn't wake up on my own, even though I knew I was sleeping. Now I'm afraid to fall asleep that it will happen to me again and I will not be able to wake up alone again."

What you are experiencing is called lucid dreaming. It's the moment when you realize in a dream that you are sleeping and you have everything under control at that moment and you can do literally anything! And I have to tell you that you are receiving an incredible gift! (I know you may not see it that way yet, but keep reading).

The vast majority of people who consciously try to have lucid dreams have the opposite problems. "How do I realize I'm dreaming?" and "How to stay in a lucid dream as long as possible?" (See the simple instructions for lucid dreaming in this article).

However, you naturally have the best preconditions - to consciously enjoy the time you sleep. Definitely do not give up your skills and on the contrary learn to work with it.

Try in your dream to create the perfect island, city, castle ...

Anything where you will enjoy it. Try to fly, visit the coral reefs underwater.

You can literally experience anything! It's a wonderful, liberating feeling.

If you want to consciously wake up from a dream, focus on something that is one hundred percent dreamy. Investigate it. In your last case, just those shirts. Let them draw you into a dream reality and then you will have a classic dream through which you can wake up. Or decide in a dream that you will go to sleep. So resign everything and just fall asleep. Again, you get into a state of ordinary dreams, from which it is very easy to wake up normally.

If the problem persists, write to us. We know how to solve it subsequently.

You have to control yourself. Expect only love, well-being, peace and security. You will have what you create, that is why we send you loving thoughts from the My Astral Body portal.

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