Get rid of the fear of death

I look at the world with different eyes, as an astral traveler, because if you experience what is beyond matter, it will change you. People are typically clear about everything, but most people have assumptions only about what happens after death. I wanted to be clear on this issue back in my youth, because it seemed nonsense to create anything for decades here, and then die and ?? I couldn't sleep with that, so I began to devote myself to astral travel, as the tool to find the clear answer.


Finally, I fall asleep lightly, but at some point, I feel very relaxed, I start to be conscious, I think - "I already know this state, I have experienced it", I fly up from my body like with a light breeze and immediately, uncontrollably I float through the ceiling to great heights and look at very distant houses, like looking at google maps. 


I sit in a bed leaning against a wall and reading a book. Suddenly my head starts to spin and I see my palms shining. I lift my palms closer to my face and explore their glow, fascinated. My head spins more and more, the light grows and suddenly I look at myself from the other end of the room.

Meeting with a partner in lucid dream. Story and guide.

There are no compulsive needs like fatigue and thirst… Do you want to be on a private island? Just think about it! Do you want to fly? Immediately you feel your body, just like in normal reality, as it is in the air, with all the feelings that birds experience in flight! Yes, we all know it, these dreams are among the most popular and you can indulge them every night, consciously!

How I made my first separation

The first astral experience is an indescribably powerful experience for each of us. We are so happy that you share everything with us, so we can describe this unique experience from many perspectives. Here you can read about the first astral travel of the student of <Astral.University> called Voupo.

My astral story - Journey and meeting death

I looked out the window and thought that I could actually walk through the wall, so I took two steps through and it parted as if someone was projecting it into space. I stood on some ledge outside the wall, leaning down from the second floor, feeling the fresh night outdoor breeze, and I was happy about it. Then I glanced toward Mount Key (in the Luzicky Mountains), where I promised myself in the daytime that I would look when I got out of the body.

I leave my material body spontaneously

Still the same scenario, asleep and then suddenly I hear something like the cracking of electricity and a little tingling of the body. I say to myself that I do not want to ascend, that I want to stay in my material body ...

I overcame the fear and I ascended

Soon, however, strange feelings during sleep (occasionally awakening) began, such as incredible tinnitus, a feeling of somebody being in the room, sleep paralysis, realizing that my body was asleep, but the mind was already awake, I saw strange images, as if opening a door to some other dimension.

How does it look in different astral realms? Including the afterlife?

It is possible to completely prepare for life after death through astral travel. We travel with our soul out of our bodies to "that world".  Astral travel is completely safe. An astral traveler gains during their life in the material body a great life advantage and experiences, which open for them the gateway of experience and possibilities in different astral spheres. Let’s describe those most important (which you as an astral traveler will surely experience). The following description serves as simple aid and reassurance for beginning astral travelers.

The beginnings of Astral Traveling - Your Experience

The beginnings of astral travel can be very different for everyone. While someone is standing at his bed instantly and can set out to explore the non material world, others move step by step and experience the feelings of a small child who is only learning to see and walk in the astral world. Today we have three short stories for you from people who have begun to enter the astral world but they are only learning about it.

My Astral Body

Get to know life independently of your material body

I want to travel astrally